Platform for Clinical, Veterinary and Environmental Tests

Height – 2.5”

Width – 3.5”

Length – 7.5”

Weight: 2.2 lbs

The GeneSpark™ diagnostic instrument enables rapid isothermal nucleic acid amplification detecting 32 targets from a single sample. The GeneSpark delivers increased specificity and sensitivity versus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification.

Field Deployable

Battery capability

Flexible Reporting

Results displayed on the screen, through USB or cloud

Superior sensitivity

Patented technology for detection of low copy true positives​


Up to 32 targeted pathogens can be tested from one sample in a single run


Stringent hot start to reduce false positive

Low cost

Affordable price for different testing sites

Instant Access to Results

LabWare, Inc. is the global leader of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LabWare designed the Portable Disease Surveillance Lab kit. Tangen has formed an exclusive partnership with LabWare whereby LabWare will distribute Tangen’s GeneSpark device as part of the LabWare’s Portable Disease Surveillance Lab kit.

The kit includes a mobile hot spot, a tablet computer connected to a cloud-based LIMS software portal and Tangen’s GeneSpark device.

A Universal Collection Device Connects Samples to GeneSpark​

Tangen’s patented apparatus and method for sample capture and disruption utilizes Large Volume Concentrator which can separate target DNA from host and concentrate large volumes of sample.

The Large Volume Concentrator connects to the Assay Disk through the center of the disk. The applied sonic energy from the instrument delivers nucleic acid to the Assay Disk to enable amplification.


  • Comprised of a central chamber and 35 outer wells 
  • Central chamber enables multiplexing capability
  • Pre-filled lyophilized reagents provides room temperature storage and easy shipping

Large Volume Concentrator

  • Accommodate a variety of sample types and volumes
  • Rapid – less than 5 minutes

Multiplexing Capability

Multiplexing in the center chamber

Up to 32 wells can be utilized for multi-target detection​

TangenDx Assay Portfolio In Development

The TangenDx assays will run on GeneSpark platform


Respiratory Panel

Bacterial and AMR

Candida auris