The Next Generation in Molecular Diagnostics

We are changing the molecular diagnostic paradigm to bring the tests close to you

An Innovative Platform Enabling Rapid Molecular Diagnostics

Isothermal nucleic acid amplification

LAMP Technology is faster than PCR and just as accurate​

Proprietary Technology​

Enables superior specificity and reduces false positive rates​

No cold chain supply

Enhances shelf life with ease of assay shipment

Digital Data Connection

Eliminates paper accessioning. Real-time result reporting

A Technology Leader In Molecular Diagnostics

Superior sensitivity

Bloodstream infections: less than 10 CFU/ml from whole blood;

COVID-19: detect 250 viral copies/ml


One-hour sample to results directly from whole blood. 30 minutes sample to results directly from swab


A simple design and optimized manufacturing process provide low cost


No DNA/RNA extraction required

TangenDx Panels In Development

We are currently developing a number of assays that work on the GeneSpark platform.

In Clinical Development


POC detection of SARS-CoV-2 in 30 minutes

Learn More


Limit of Detection: <10 CFU/ml

In Development

Respiratory Panel

Comprehensive respiratory panel enables targeted treatment

Learn More

Bacterial and AMR Bloodstream infection Panels

Sample to results directly from whole blood

Learn More

Candida Auris

Clinical and environmental assays to control multi-drug resistant fungus

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Targeted Industries Where We Can Help

Point of Care Testing

Respiratory testing outside the traditional laboratory ​

Emergency & Laboratory

Early Detection of bloodstream infections to prevent sepsis


Bring testing to the animal clinics, pet stores and barns


Identify and prevent environmental biological contaminants in hospitals, nursing homes and communities


Tangen Biosciences Closes Oversubscribed $12.2M Series B Preferred Stock Financing 

Tangen Biosciences Awarded a Contract for Point-of-Care Detection of Candida auris 

Tangen Biosciences and LabWare Formed an Exclusive Partnership for Point-of-Care COVID-19 Molecular Test and Real-time Data Reporting 

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